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BT Roamer 500

Image of a BT  Roamer 500

Released in 1995

Network = GSM 900MHz

Weight = 220 g

Dimensions = 163mm x 60mm x 21mm

Battery Life = 75 mins talk time and 1320 mins standby

The BT Roamer 500 was introduced in 1995 and is actually a branded version of the Alcatel HC600. As it can be seen from the front cover the manual, this phone is missing its external aerial.

It provided two dialling number memories, each of which could store up to 50 telephone numbers and associated names with the further option of storing up to 20 entries on the SIM card. The Roamer 500 also included a basic function calculator, a 24 hour clock and a range of call timers. The phone could also receive, but not send, SMS text messages.