Engaging with Communications

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By the end of the First World War, the telephone had ceased to be for the very rich and began to be embraced by a much broader cross section of society. In addition, telecommunications was also becoming an increasingly essential part of business and commerce. Therefore the General Post Office and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment began to actively market and promote their services and products. This section explores how companies have chosen to market and promote their telecommunications services and products over the years.

Buzby one of the most successful marketing campaigns run by BT

Buzby !

In May 1976 the Post Office launched one of their most successful marketing campaigns based around a cartoon bird called Buzby. With a catch phrase of Make Someone Happy and voiced by the well actor Bernard Cribbins Buzby went on to be used on television adverts, posters, children’s games and books, mugs, badges and even on an illuminated sign in Piccadilly Circus, London.